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Why Hire a Professional Water Heater Leak Clean Up in St Charles?

Water heaters are one of the most essential appliances in our homes as they are accommodating in providing hot water for cooking, mopping and bathing. During winter, this appliance is no less than a blessing as in the chilly weather, you don’t have to do much to get hot water for your shower and everything else, but it can become a curse for you and your property quickly if there is any malfunction or leak. We call it a curse for many reasons, and one of them is that water heater leak cleanup can cost a lot, and not only this but also it can damage the structure of your home. 

If you are facing water damage caused by the appliances, we provide the best services because we have an excellent team who are well trained about the equipment and the method to resolve the issue. So you don’t have to worry about water heater leaks. In this blog, we will discuss various aspects of water heater leaks and their cleanup services.

Understand the Risk of Water Heater Leaks in St Charles:

Water heater leaks invite various risks to the property owner, and it is essential to know these risks for the homeowners. However, you can avoid them by contacting the professional water heater leak cleanup services in St Charles or elsewhere. The risks are mentioned below:

  • Water Damage: A water heater leak can lead to large-scale water damage in your property. So you should never leave it like that after noticing the issue because it can impact the most when unnoticed, untreated or not appropriately addressed. Water damage is highly harmful to the property as it can cause the growth of mold, structural damage and various other costly repairs.
  • Health Risk: What can be greater than your and your loved ones’ health? Nothing, right? If you answer yes, you should be aware of the health risks caused by the water heater leakage. It can be a good breeding ground for bacteria, viruses, and molds. It is very threatening for those who already have respiratory issues.
  • Fire Hazards: You must be wondering why a fire hazard is considered a risk in the case of a water heater leak, so you don’t have to stress much because we will explain how. So if the water heater leaks near the electrical items, there is a high chance of creating a fire hazard. If the electrical wiring is exposed to water or any other moisture, it can easily cause a fire hazard.
  • Increased Utility Bills: If your water heater leaks, you will notice increased energy bills. It happens because the water heaters are meant to provide a particular water temperature. When it is damaged, it becomes difficult for them to provide the desired Temperature of the water, so in order to provide the specific Temperature of water, it needs more energy, which impacts the utility bill.
  • Reduced Water Pressure: A water heater leakage can significantly affect the water pressure. It reduces the pressure of water, which makes the basic daily tasks related to water, such as taking showers, running appliances, mopping, etc, really difficult to manage.

Things to Remember To Prevent Water Damage from Water Heater Leaks:

  1. Regular Maintenance: It is such a small step but can help you a lot, as regular maintenance of the water heater can help you analyze the occurrence of any issue at the beginning level. Regular maintenance also helps prevent leaks and enhances the lifeline of the pipes. It is advised to hire a professional water heater leak cleanup service in St. Charles to inspect the water heater to see any wear and tear. Professionals also check for leaks, corrosion and other problems that can lead to severe water damage. The skilled restoration agency also cleans the tank and removes the accumulated buildup to protect the tank from rusting and leaking. 
  1. Install a Drain Pan: Installing a drain pipe is bright as it helps control leaks and water damage. A drain pan is made up of metal or plastic; it is situated under the water heater, which is connected to a drain pipe. In the case of water leakage, the water will get collected in the drain pipe and protect the building from getting damaged. The only thing you need to remember when installing the drain pan is that it is installed promptly and the drain pipe is clean and functional. 
  1. Check the Pressure Relief Valve: The pressure relief valve plays a vital role in the water heater as it is designed in a way that in case the tank becomes too hot or the pressure inside the tank becomes too high, then it releases the pressure. If the pressure relief malfunctions, it can be very damaging for the water tank as it can lead to a burst. So, regularly checking the pressure relief valve is essential to prevent the water tank from bursting. If you witness any leaks, then don’t think twice. Contact the best water heater leak cleanup service in St Charles or anywhere else immediately.   
  1. Inspect the Water Heater Connections: You must also remember to inspect the connections on your water heater, as they can become loose or corroded over time, which may lead to leaks. It is necessary to inspect the connections and ensure they are tightened. Don’t avoid corrosion; if you notice any, don’t wait and replace them immediately.   
  1. Know the location of the shut-off valve: The shut-off valve plays an important role, so it is crucial to know its location. Usually, it is situated near the water heater or at the main water supply line. If you witness a leak, you should turn off the valve so the water flow can be stopped and further water damage can be prevented. 
  1. Inspect the Surrounding Area: It is essential to inspect the area around the water heater as it helps you to determine if there are any signs of water damage, which include mold, stale smell, dampness, and many others. Contacting a professional water heater leak cleanup in St Charles or elsewhere is highly advised, as no one can solve these issues better than professionals. If your leak is repaired by a skilled water damage restoration company like Restoration 1 of St Charles, they also help resolve the water damage issue. Inspecting the area and noticing the issue at a lower level can save you lots of money and property damage. 


1. What should I do if my water heater leaks?

Answer 1: The first thing you need to do is identify the source of the leak and then call the professional water heater leak cleanup service in St Charles or elsewhere. The final step is to clean the area affected by the leak. 

2. Is the leaking water heater an emergency?

Yes, the leak in the water heater is an emergency as it can affect the property and health very much, so it is better to take it seriously if you don’t want to feel sorry later.

3. What does the leakage in the bottom of the water heater mean?

The leakage in the bottom means that the pressure valve is affected, which is one of the common reasons in such cases. The pressure valve is a feature in the water heater that helps the heater to provide the excess pressure from the water heater. 

4. What are the reasons behind the water heater leak?

There are several reasons behind the leak of the water heater, such as the drain pan, Temperature & pressure relief valve, water heater connections and many others. 

5. Is a leaking water heater a fire hazard? 

Yes, there is a high chance that a leak in the water heater can lead to fire hazards.