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Why Do You Need Professional Removal & Sewage Cleanup Services in St Charles?

If you are facing an issue with sewer backup at your home or any of your properties, don’t delay contacting the professional help for sewer backup cleanup services in St Charles. Sewer backups create a situation of emergency because the water contains various viruses, bacteria, and other microbes, which is terrible for our health. It is not just harmful to our health; the blocked water pipes can also cause severe property damage. 

The water’s bacteria can cause many health problems, such as risk for hepatitis A, giardia, tetanus and many other health issues. So this is one of the prime reasons to call the professionals, as this is not something you can do on your own. But don’t worry, we can tackle it all. You need to call Restoration 1’s of the St Charles team for sewer backup cleanup services in St Charles or elsewhere as we have a team of rightly trained and also have good quality equipment to solve such issues, get our services and protect your property from all the chaos and further damage. 

First things first: The sewer backup is not just damage to your property; it is way more than that. As mentioned above, it is no less than a threat to your health, but if you have Restoration 1 of St Charles, you don’t have to worry because we respond quickly with the right tools, expert training and knowledge of new techniques to solve the issue quickly. Our team of experts knows the importance of the urgency of sewer cleanup, which is why we are one of the most trusted among the people: risking your health and property would never be an option for us.

Reasons Behind Sewage Backups

The process of finding a solution for the issue gets straightforward if you know the cause of the issue, so this is the reason we always need to know the possible ways that the problem may occur. Knowing the reason not only helps in finding the solutions but also helps us know what precautions we can take. So, we are going to delve into the possible reasons for the occurrence of sewage backups.

  • Soil Settlement: The first reason is soil settlement, which can occur even after heavy storms, which affects the condition of the exterior pipes so much. It should not surprise you if your sewer starts backing up right after the heavy storm. You can save the damage by knowing the integrity of the pipe’s exterior, but that needs professional help.
  • Root Infiltration: This is another reason that might cause sewer backup. Trees, shrubs, plants or grass seek moisture and every other nutrient near the sewer line, especially during the dry season or droughts. Above all, roots grow above and even around the sewer pipe, which causes cracks in the pipe. The roots tend to grow; when they grow, they become heavy, so they crush the sewer pipes. The roots can even enter the cracks and cause blockage, which further causes sewer backup. Older homes are another common reason you can see the tree roots related to sewer problems as the older homes use clay for piping, and over time, the clay quickly gets cracked, which causes sewer problems. You might not be aware that the trees’ roots are expanded in a larger space, so you might face sewer problems even when the tree is far away. So, if you see trees nowhere near you and think that you don’t have to worry about sewer problems, then you are very wrong, and this is why you need professional Sewage Cleanup & Removal Services.
  • Grease Buildup: This is one of the most common and experienced causes of sewer line backup. Food particles, hair, and other solid particles inside the drain pipes cause the blockage. As these particles build up inside the drain pipes till time, the clog becomes big enough to block the wastewater flow. Now that the water has no other choice than to back up into the bathtub, sink or toilet. At this point, nobody can help you better than professional sewer cleanup and removal services. They never compromise hygiene over anything and can resolve your problem way better than unskilled people.


Avoid a sewer blockage by following these tips:

  • Cleaning the grease off the utensils before washing them is the one thing people often forget but should always do.
  • Sweeping the food into the dustbin before rinsing the utensils because later they are the particles that cause clogging.
  • Please dispose of the flushable wipes in the trash rather than flushing them in the toilet.
  • You should avoid using chemical and enzyme drain cleaners because they greatly help.
  • Heavy Rainfall: This is the issue that most owners ignore as it is not as exciting as other causes, but it is another common reason for sewer backups. People who don’t own a working sump pump at their place are the ones who suffer from flooded basements most of the time. If the capacity of the water reaches the maximum point, then one can experience excessive water flow into one’s residential sewer lines. If you are someone who is facing an issue of backflow of wastewater in your basement or anywhere,e such as sinks during the time of storage,m, then you don’t have to get second thoughts about the end cause of the issue because it could be nothing but heavy rain.
  • Sewer Problems: Sometimes, it is not you but the municipal sewer problems, as your sewer might be affected by the city sewer blockage. So, the problem is not always your home, but it can be caused by the problem outside your house. So, if you take care of every issue mentioned above, you don’t have to worry because the only thing that needs to be blamed is the municipal sewer. You can not do anything about this, but the good thing is that it gets detected easily and treated quickly.

Steps To Prevent Sewer Backup

The team of professional and experienced Sewage Cleanup Services In St Charles or anywhere near can help you a lot, but still, precautions are better than cure. So, there are a few things that you should keep in mind to avoid sewer-related problems. Some sewer-related problems, such as clogs and blockages, can be avoided easily by maintaining the basic routine.  

To prevent future backups, here are some tips to follow:

  • Pouring grease down the kitchen is one mistake that most homeowners make but should be avoided as the grease pouring down in the kitchen drain solidifies, and that is what causes blockages.
  • People often put food down the drain, but it is one of the significant reasons for blockage in sewer pipes, so you should avoid putting food items into the drain. Fibrous food items are the ones that can cause the most impact, so they are something that you should avoid especially.
  • Flushing down items such as toilet paper, paper towels, facial tissues, diapers, and many other things is something you should avoid doing right now as they are one of the common reasons for the clog in the sewer pipes.
  • You should regularly schedule inspections; it saves money and helps you identify the issue on time. The inspection helps identify if any pipe is damaged, has clogs, debris, or has a blockage. Proper maintenance helps you save time, money and effort in the future.
  • Always hire or contact a professional sewer cleanup and removal service to clean and remove the blockages and prevent clogs in the future.
  • If you have old sewer lines, don’t forget to replace them with good-quality plastic piping.

Things To Do When Face Sewer Backup

A sewer backup is something that is not only risky for your health or wealth but can also create chaos for you, your family and your property. We have discussed various causes of sewer backup, which can help you identify whether the issue can be fixed on your own or needs help from a professional sewer cleanup and removal service in St Charles or elsewhere, as well as the time it will take to get resolved. 

Here are some steps to take if a sewer backup occurs in your home:

First, it is essential to clean the flooded area, and it is advised to avoid contact as the wastewater is toxic to the human body. So it is crucial to clean and sanitise the area before you consider it safe again for you, your family and pets. 

  1. There are high chances of electrocution, so it is essential to turn off all the electrical power in or near flooded areas and avoid going near any electrical devices. Electrical shocks can result if you touch anything electrical without turning the power off.
  2. It is essential to shut off your house’s primary water device and strictly avoid flushing toilets; instead, you can use tubs and sinks until everything is fixed.
  3. It is crucial to provide ventilation in flooded areas, so open the windows and doors of your house to provide ventilation in the damaged area.
  4. As wastewater is quite dangerous for your health, don’t forget to take care of the gear you wear. We suggest you wear something that protects you from toxic wastewater, such as protective clothing, a facemask, eye protection, gloves, rubber boots, and many other things that can help you protect your body from toxic wastewater.
  5. Another essential thing you should always do is call the insurance company and inform them about the issue you are facing regarding sewer backup in your property, which will help you financially.  

Finally, it’s time to call a professional sewer cleanup and removal service provider in St Charles or elsewhere so that they can fix your issues easily and quickly. Calling professionals is such an essential step because most homeowners don’t have proper knowledge about the equipment used in resolving the issue,e and if the issue,e like sewer backup,p is not fixed correctly, it can lead to colossal damage later. On the other hand, the excellent and reliable service-providing company will guarantee that your sewer backup problem is resolved entirely and that there are fewer chances of future backups.

Disadvantages of Sewer Backup

You must wonder why sewer backups are such a big deal and how they can’t be too bad for you and your property. Then you don’t have to worry because we will help you provide the disadvantages it causes. It is more than just a vast discomfort and water damage to your property.

  • It can significantly threaten your health, family, and pets. 
  • The water is very toxic and can lead to mould growth on your property. 
  • People suffering from breathing problems or allergies can be impacted very much. 
  • Sewer water contains hazardous bacteria and airborne polluted substances that are highly harmful to our bodies.


We don’t care about the issue’s root because Restoration 1 of St. Charles can help you with everything. After all, we have been blessed with a team of experts with years of experience resolving such issues. Additionally, our team is well-trained and knows every tool or equipment required to solve such problems. As we mentioned, sewer backup can cause disadvantages to you and your property, so it becomes essential to take some precautions. These precautions will help you avoid facing problems related to sewers. I hope you find this blog informative and relatable and also take precautions before it’s too late.


1. What is sewer Backup?

Sewer backup is very discomforting; it happens when wastewater or, we can say, dirty water comes up in a toilet, sink, or tub.

2. How can sewer backup affect the property?

Sewer backup can lead to the growth of moulds, and it can cost dollars by affecting the walls, floors, electrical system and furniture items.

3. What are the common causes of sewer backups?

Various causes of sewer backups are:

  1. Blocked or Clogged Pipes.
  2. Tree Roots.
  3. Damaged Sewer Pipes.
  4. Heavy Rainfall.
  5. Sewer System Age.
  6. Municipal Sewer Issues.


4. What are the problems caused by sewer backups?

Sewer backups are highly harmful, and some common problems you will face are Health risks, fire hazards, and property damage.

5. What are the benefits of hiring a professional sewer cleanup and removal services in St Charles?

Various benefits of hiring professional sewer cleanup and removal services in St Charles or elsewhere are—

  • Saves On Costs. 
  • Eliminates Bad Odors. 
  • Improves Family Health.
  • Prevents Blockage in Pipes. 
  • Promotes Safe Drain Cleaning.
  • Prevents Damaging of Walls and Floor. 
  • Keeps Your Pipes in Good Condition.