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What To Do If You Have a Burst Pipe?

Your home is your safe and comfort zone. So when something happens to your safe place then it can be really disturbing and stressful. A burst pipe in your property comes like a shock.

One thing that can surely help you out is a professional burst pipe water damage cleanup services like restoration 1 of St Charles. But there are a few things that you need to do before the arrival of professionals to avoid further complications. First thing that you need to do is respond quickly and smartly. So in today’s blog, we are going to discuss the simple steps that you need to follow for a smooth restoration process.

Steps That Will Help in Burst Pipe Restoration Process

So here are the simple steps that will help you in case of a burst pipe emergency. So without wasting any time let’s discuss the steps so that you won’t panic in such a difficult situation. 

  1. Stay Calm and Act Quickly: The first step is to stay calm because to think right the one thing that matters the most is that your mind should be at the right place. If you will stay calm then it will be easy for you to notice the root of the problem. Sooner you notice the root cause of the issue, the less damage will be experienced to your property or belongings. 

  2. Turn Off the Water Supply: The second step is very crucial. You need to turn off the main water supply. It is important because burst pipes in houses cause water damage which is very chaotic so turning off the main water supply will stop the water flow to the burst pipe which will prevent flooding your property. So find out where your main water shut-off valve is located and turn it off. 

  3. Drain Faucets and Appliances: This is the step which will reduce the pressure in the plumbing system which will lead to no further leakage. After you are done shutting off the main water supply you should proceed with opening all the taps and water using appliances for example sinks, showers and washing machines as it will drain out all the water left in the pipe. 

  4. Electricity Safety Precautions: Water and electricity hold a relationship of enemies so it is important to turn off all the electric appliances to avoid the risk of electrocution. It is crucial to provide safety to you and your loved ones, this is why disconnecting a supply of electricity from the affected area is too crucial to avoid further chaos. 

  5. Locate the Burst Pipe: It is important to notice the exact location of the burst pipe. The signs which will help you identify the location of burst pipes are discoloured walls, ceilings, floors because these are the common signs that lead to water damage. 

  6. Drying the Area: It is another important step. You can use towels and vacuum to dry the affected area. Also opening all the windows and doors can also help. Soaking up all the extra moisture helps in preventing further water damage so never avoid this step.

  7. Document the Damage: It is an important step to make the insurance procedure easy and smooth. You can document the damage with the help of photos and videos. You should also keep a record of all the money you are investing in repairs, cleanup and restoration because these are the information that will help you when filing an insurance claim.


It is very overwhelming to deal with a situation like burst pipe but if you follow these simple things that are mentioned above then you can handle everything with ease. Also don’t forget to call professionals because no one knows better than experts. So if you want to minimise the whole situation then keep these steps in mind because you can never take a risk when it comes to your home.