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Water damage is one of the most common things that people often suffer from and the sad part is that most of them are not even aware of this.  Water damage is often caused from the bursting of pipes which can cause disaster to the property. Damages which can be caused due to water damages are structural issues, health issues and financial issues as well. As it can cause so many huge issues which means it should be controlled on time. Burst pipe water damage cleanup services can be a great issue which can be really problematic, it is an issue which needs the attention of a team of professionals as it is way more effective and efficient when it comes to the results

Causes of Burst Pipe Issue:

There are various reasons for the burst pipe issue and above all it is really important to get the main reason behind the issue before going for the solution. We are proud to inform you that we have a team who has been trained well and have years of experience in the same field, so it is really easy for them to know the reason behind the issue. So if you are looking for the solutions for burst pipe hire us for burst pipe water damage cleanup in St Charles because we will be really quick to provide you results. We will be providing some of the common reasons for burst pipe water damage below. 

  • Freezing Temperature: It is one of the most common reasons for burst pipes as when the temperature of the place decreases, there is a high possibility of freezing of water inside the pipe. Due to the occurrence of ice inside the pipe the pressure caused by the water flow increases. Eventually after some time the pressure inside the pipe increases to the extent in which it causes a burst pipe. 
  • Ageing Pipes: Pipes which are made of older material. Materials such as galvanised iron or steel can be a great disadvantage when it comes to pipes as older the pipe the more chances of facing issues of burst pipe. 
  • Excessive Water Pressure: The size of the pipe is what actually matters when it comes to the water supply. If there is a narrow pipe in which there is a large water supply which will eventually cause excessive water pressure which causes burst pipe issue. 
  • Clogs and Blockage: In the cases of clogs and blockages the water pressure increases. The cause of blockages in the pipe is excessive water waste such as slit and mineral deposits. So due to the high pressure of water in the pipe the burst in the pipe may occur especially where the blockage is severe or confined.   
  • Poor Installation: This is one of the most common causes of burst pipe. Most people think that installation of pipes is not a big deal and can be done on their own but no. You always need a professional to handle such an important process. Taking installation of pipes for granted is like inviting some of the major issues to your property which can eventually damage the property. Poor installation involves low-quality material, improper joint connection and insufficient pipe support. These are the reasons which can cause burst pipes and also be careful with burst pipe cleanup services in St Charles.

The Impact of Burst Pipes on Your Property:

Burst pipe is an issue which is not something which can be resolved easily and quickly. People may find it something that easy that they can do themselves but it is not a piece of cake and does need the help of professional burst pipe cleanup services in St Charles. If the pipe is not fixed correctly and properly then it can even cause long term extensive water damages. 

This burst of pipe can cause various things such as — 

  • Growth in the presence of molds.
  • It impacts physical health.
  • Creates the structural damage to the property.
  • Damages the furniture and other important assets as well. 
  • And many more consequences.

Why Do You Need Professional Burst Pipe Cleanup Services in St Charles?

  • Expertise and Knowledge of New Techniques: When you are hiring a professional burst pipe cleanup services provider in St Charles then the one thing that you really don’t have to worry about is expertise. As the professional service providers give proper training to their employees and also provide complete knowledge about the equipment. The specialisation in the equipment helps in analysing the damage accuracy. The experts know how to use tools and new techniques to extract water, prevent mold growth and cure dry affected areas. 
  • Quick Response: At the time of water damage the most important thing is time as it becomes really important to be quick because water damages don’t take much time to get worse. And when you hire us for your professional help in burst pipes then there are a few things that you don’t have to worry about such as response within a second, further damage because we work to minimise the damage and reduce the growth of mold and risk of more water damage. 
  • We Deal with Every Restoration Services: So when you are hiring us then don’t worry about any other issue that you are facing or the issue which is ruining the aesthetics of your property because drying the surface or burst pipe cleanup services in St Charles is not all we offer but there is much more than that. We provide deep cleanup, sanitization, restoration of damaged areas and every other secondary issue. 
  • Prevention From Molds: When you are hiring professionals or we can say experts then there is a thing that you can be really sure about is that they provide the services for the aftermath as well. As water damage brings the main concern of growth in mold as well. So there are many services which make sure that we help in reducing the risk of mold. Our experts work in different new techniques, one of which is the drying technique in which they reduce more than half of the risk of mold infestation.
  • Insurance Services: If you ill hire us we promise to make your insurance claim process really smooth-running. As we think at this hard time we should be the one to help you at every extent as we can. Restoration 1 of St Charles helps in documenting all the damages at your property, we also provide the necessary proof that are required for the insurance claims and our main motive is to make the whole process less stressful for the owners of the property.

Why Should You Choose Professional Burst Pipe Water Damage Cleanup in St Charles than DIY?

While some people who own a property might think that investing in professional help for water damage cleanup is nothing but a waste of money and does one of the biggest mistakes for their property by handling water damages all by themselves. As discussed above there are numerous reasons why you should choose professionals for burst pipe cleanup services in St Charles or nearby cities. 

DIY attempts can be a total fail as there are going to be the steps in which you will need the hands of the experts who have the proper knowledge of the equipment and have the deeper knowledge of the occurrence of water damages. And if you don’t get it at the time of water damage cleanup then we are sorry to inform you that you are leading to insufficient restoration and also long-term damage. 

If you are not curing a thing right then there are high chances that you may face it again with the worst results. So this is the reason you should never compromise the professional help in burst pipe water damage cleanup in St Charles or anywhere near to avoid the recurrence of such disastrous things.

What are the Ways To Protect Burst Pipe?

There are various things that you can consider to avoid problems like burst pipes. Now we are going to help you to avoid such a situation by providing you some of the effective ways that can reduce the risk of burst pipe or further damage.


  • Insulate Your Pipe: This step can do wonders for you when it comes to the issue of burst pipe as insulating your pipe can help you in providing a safeguard to your pipe from extreme weather such as cold and hot temperature. As it helps you in preventing the pipe from bursting from two major reasons— freezing of water in winters and condensation build up in summers. 


  • Seal Air Lock: It is really important to know that the cracks or gaps that might be at your property can be the reason for your burst pipe as the cold air can flow into your house and can reach to your pipes can cause chilly pipes. But no worries because you can protect your property and your pipe from such situations by just calling professionals like us to inspect the gaps or cracks in your property and seal them. This step can help you protect your pipe from freezing and further damage.


  • Avoid Excessive Water Pressure: This is the step that you must consider because excessive water pressure is one of the most common reasons for pipe burst. You don’t need to do much to avoid this but you just need to install a pressure regulator at your property. This installation will help in controlling the pressure of the water throughout your property which will eventually help in minimizing the risk of water damage.


I would like to conclude the whole blog by telling you that bursting of pipe is not a small thing to deal with. So you should never compromise perfection because of a little money, a perfection that can only be given by the professional burst pipe water damage cleanup in St Charles or elsewhere. I hope you find this blog informative and relatable and also don’t forget to take precautions because it is far better than feeling sorry.