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In today’s blog, we are going to talk about something that we face every summer. As summers are just gone we can be well prepared for the next one. AC is pretty common in summers or we can say it is a very crucial thing for our survival in hot weather. As the temperature rises the only thing that you need is an AC as it circulates the cool air in the house. But it is also a big reason why you may need professional services for HVAC water damage in St Charles or anywhere you live. 

You are using AC and being way too comfortable there and then all of a sudden you realize that the walls are all wet and at that very moment you won’t even have any clue that it is all because of the AC. Everything is soaked by leaky attic units, including baseboards and ceilings. Walls and carpets are ruined by ground-floor air conditioners. In addition to repairs, you must promptly handle any water damage resulting from an air conditioner leak. In addition to fixing repairs, you must act quickly to contain any water damage resulting from an air conditioner leak.

What is the Reason Behind AC Leaks?

There are many reasons behind AC leaks and when your AC leaks there can be possibly so many reasons behind it which is why you should know all the possible reasons. If you know the reason behind the issue it becomes really easy to get the best solution to resolve the issue. Tough professionals for HVAC water damage in St Charles or elsewhere are trained to analyze the reason behind the issue the quickest. 

There is an evaporator coil in your AC whose function is to chill the air by draining the warm air and condensation is another thing which is produced by the exchange of temperature which happens when the refrigerant in the coil of AC absorbs the heat. These two equipment issues are majorly the source of this disastrous AC leakage. Let’s explore the other reasons which are the source of AC leakage together. 

  • Unclean unit filter: Unclean unit filters are one of the major reasons that you might face HVAC water damage in St Charles or elsewhere as the unclean filters can block the airflow which makes the flow of air difficult to hit the evaporator coil which causes the coil to turn cold and freeze after a time which one day cause melting which causes excessive water which causes AC leakage.


  • Broken drain pan: The damaged drain pan or the broken drain pan is one of the most common reasons for the leakage of AC. In the case of a broken drain pan the condensate leaks instead of exiting properly from the system leaks in the area around the area indoor unit.


  • Condensate line obstruction: It is really important to maintain the condensate drain line as it is one of the main reasons your house might face flooding because of AC leakage. If it is not maintained properly and timely then it might be one of your worst decisions. Obstructed condensate lines might cause blockage due to build-up. The water will start to get collected in your unit and at some point, it will start to overflow in your house.


  • Faulty pump for condensate: The faulty pump for condensate is another major piece of equipment that can cause AC leakage. If the pump is damaged then it will not pump the water out which will cause the collection of water which will cause leakage of AC.


  • Evaporator coil damage: A damaged evaporator coil is the common and one of the popular reasons behind the leakage of AC. 

You can repair a broken drain pan or replace the main unit filter if you’re handy with do-it-yourself tasks. Larger AC repairs should be left to certified specialists who work with replacement components, electrical connections, and refrigerants.

Steps After You Face HVAC Water Damage in St Charles:

You should always know about the things that you should do if you face an issue of HVAC water damage in St Charles or anywhere. Because most people don’t know about the after-effects of the issue and also what are the things they have to do next. So without wasting any time let’s know the steps you need to follow after you face such an issue.

STEP 1: Evaluate the Harm: It is really important to examine the amount of damage it is doing to the property, health and also the regions it is harming. Adding to this you should always know the obvious indications of damage such as water stains, standing water and other things. 

Along with this, you should first examine the parts of the AC system so that you can know the part that is leaking. 

STEP 2: Safety First: First thing first, safety should always be your priority no matter what. So the thing that you need to keep in mind is that you should make sure that you turn off the HVAC system and all the powers are off. Also if you are going near those regions always wear safety equipment such as boots, masks, gloves, etc especially when managing polluted water. 

STEP 3: Water Extraction: Another equally important step is to clean the standing water. To clean the water you can use towels, wet vacuums and also you can use pumps as well. To stop the formation of mold you can use the dehumidifiers and fans as they help in drying out the affected areas. 

STEP 4: Clean and Disinfect: You can use water along with mild detergent to clean the affected areas so that you can be free from pollutants and waste. Or you can use antimicrobial treatments on the impacted area so that you can disinfect the area to stop the growth of mold and germs. 

STEP 5: Call the Expert: It is really important to call the experts like Restoration 1 of St Charles, as they know it better than you. They have tools that can analyze the leaks, obstructions and broken parts of the HVAC system. If you want to avoid further damage and want to fix it for a longer period then professionals are what you need. You must get a deep cleanup and inspection so that you can get better and quicker results.

How Can You Prevent AC Leak Problems?

Sometimes we don’t take things seriously until we face it, the same goes for the water leakage of the AC unit. So it becomes necessary to know that it is possible to stop such issues from occurring. So let’s explore the precautions that you should take to avoid such a situation.

  • If you want to keep your property safe and also want to save yourself by investing a big amount then you should start investing in regular inspections so that it can get easier to identify the issues at the minor levels before they turn out to be the bigger issue which can be difficult to handle or resolve.


  • Don’t forget to do the basic maintenance tasks such as changing the unit filters, condensate line and many others, you should call the professionals in HVAC water damage services in St Charles or elsewhere so that they can provide you with perfect and quicker results.


  • You should consider maintenance measures that are non-technical even when your AC is not working much such as when the weather strikes. So always make sure at that time too your AC is in good condition. So that when you need it, you can find it in a good or we can say perfect functioning condition. In this, you don’t even need help from the professionals but you can do it on your own.


  • If you are into plants then make sure that where your AC is situated, you don’t need to keep control of the amount of grass and shrubs as it does not allow the unit to operate more comfortably.


  • The replacement of HVAC filters is such a game-changing thing as it should be replaced at least once a month as it will protect your unit from overworking. Filters are one of the most common reasons behind the AC leakage.


  • The condenser plays an important role in your air conditioner and is also one of the common reasons behind the leakage of AC. It is an outside part of the air conditioner, so it can be cleaned without the help of professional HVAC water damage services or elsewhere, you can clean it on your own to clear any waste that can block or clog the condenser.


  • As our main issue is the leak, one should never avoid the maintenance of your overflowing drain pan as it is another reason that can cause leakage in the air conditioner or gathering of excessive water.


  • At least once a year, have a professional examine and service your HVAC system, which includes your ductwork, grills, furnace flames, AC compressor, and other parts.


So we would like to conclude this blog by saying that it is better to invest some money in professional HVAC water damage in St Charles or anywhere you live before the issue turns out to be a bigger problem. Also, you should always take some precautions to protect the water damage as it can destroy your property at a bigger level. So we suggest you consider a few things that we have mentioned above in this blog and also be safe with a professional like us. I hope you find this blog informative and of your interest also wish you safety and security.